DayBlink strengthens each company's cybersecurity advantage by identifying and solving current cybersecurity challenges, preparing for future cybersecurity threats, and managing IT transformation across all business operations.


DayBlink Consulting’s broad expertise allows us to provide additional Cybersecurity support through:

+ Cybersecurity Program Management

  • Provides advisory services to each company's security function, including the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) and all directors of security
  • Assists with development and execution of strategies to build a sustainable cybersecurity governance

+ Vulnerability Lifecycle Resolution Management (VLRM)

  • Assesses and optimizes existing processes for treatment of vulnerabilities from discovery to assessment, remediation, and closure
  • Identifies opportunities to automate discovery and remediation

+ Cybersecurity Risk Scoring & Impact Analysis

  • Analyzes existing risk-scoring practices and assesses how industry-recognized scoring practices like CVSS are being adopted
  • Evaluates risk-scoring practices to determine sufficient comprehension of the unique privacy and security risks across different organizations, products, and platforms

+ Secure Development Lifecycle (SDL)

  • Assesses the organizational training programs for knowledge of security practices and breadth of content
  • Accommodates various development methodologies to implement elastic secure development lifecycle (SDL) program
  • Integrates core elements of a mature SDL Program, including training, up-stream threat analysis, gate checks, code reviews (manual and automated), and final secure review evaluations

+ Insider Threat Management (ITM)

  • Develops Insider Threat Management Program (ITM) strategy
  • Establishes ITM governance, policies, processes and procedures in collaboration with senior IT management
  • Defines business and technical requirements and vendor selection strategy
  • Institutes user and entity behavior (UEBA) baselining and reporting

+ Identity & Access Management (IAM)

  • Develops enterprise-wide Identity & Access Management Program (IAM) strategy, including governance framework and policies
  • Establishes key IAM processes such as provisioning/deprovisioning, periodic access certifications, and reporting
  • Assists with access analytics and management processes such as role management, access intelligence, and risk profiling
  • Generates IAM robotics process automation

+ Cybersecurity Think Tank

  • Organizes and manages working groups of SMEs, PMs, and the organization's leadership to investigate advanced cyber-related topics
  • Advances dual goal of facilitating free-flow of ideas across business units while ensuring that cybersecurity personnel is informed about bleeding-edge thinking, methods, and technologies

+ Data Science for Cybersecurity

  • Designs early DDoS detection algorithms based on data science and signal processing techniques
  • Designs algorithms for detecting unusual traffic patterns and human usage behavior based on data science techniques


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