DayBlink Services

Post-Merger Integration

DayBlink creates a tailored approach to ease the transition related to M&A over the short term and maximize value over the long term. By defining strategic integration priorities and identifying synergies, DayBlink readies companies for their critical next steps post-merger or acquisition. Read more  

Strategic Execution

DayBlink offers companies the resources to successfully drive their most critical projects to completion by bringing in executive leadership, functional expertise, industry knowledge, and leading project management capabilities.

Corporate Renewal

Economic distress, heightened competition, and volatile markets can place great demands upon even the most stable organizations. While other restructuring practices focus on short-term solutions, cost cutting, and capital structure, DayBlink develops sustainable, practical, and effective solutions to drive lasting results.

Accounting and Audit Support

DayBlink offers the resources necessary to ensure the accounting and finance functions are fully prepared to handle the constantly changing world of compliance and complex accounting rules.  Additionally, DayBlink works closely with companies and their external auditors to ensure an effective and efficient audit process, allowing you to focus on what matters most – managing and growing your business. Read more  

Contact Center Optimization

DayBlink's experienced contact center professionals understand how to drive positive customer experiences crucial to supporting your business' service offerings. Our global experience will allow you to better navigate nuances, effect change, and produce results across diverse markets. 

SEC Compliance

DayBlink has significant experience assisting public companies with SEC financial reporting requirements, including preparation and management of Form 10-Q and Form 10-K filings.  Read more  

Accounting Standard Assessment & Implementation

The recent adoption of Accounting Standards Updates (ASUs), particularly ASU 2014-09 (Revenue Recognition) and ASU 2016-02 (Leases), will have a profound impact on companies beyond just the finance function.  The analysis and adoption of these ASUs for many companies will be extremely time consuming and could take away from the accounting and finance teams’ recurring responsibilities.  Further, these ASUs may cause system limitations not yet known to the company.  DayBlink offers a comprehensive “hands-on” assessment and implementation solution to ensure compliance with the new ASUs, as well as a seamless system transition.  Read more  

Strategic Sourcing

DayBlink’s deep expertise in sourcing all indirect categories, as well as our experience with negotiating and establishing outsourced relationships within any shared service function, provides one of the most effective ways to drive bottom line impact through cost reduction. Read more  

Technical Accounting

DayBlink offers assistance in researching, documenting and defending technical accounting positions.  DayBlink has experience with many complex accounting and financial reporting issues including debt/equity issuances, stock-based compensation, purchase accounting, revenue recognition, earnings per share and goodwill/intangible asset impairment.  Read more  


dayblink services

Performance Improvement

DayBlink Consulting takes pride in finding solutions for continuous, sustainable performance improvement across all aspects of organizations. We collaborate with your team to diagnose problems, develop clear action plans, and drive toward realistic, measurable results.

Human Capital Advisory

Talent is the single most important part of your organization. DayBlink recognizes the importance of human capital and helps organizations better align talent strategies with business strategies. 

Information Technology

IT is at the heart of today’s business world. DayBlink works with clients to create transformative, lasting plans to align IT objectives with business objectives and implement practical solutions to ensure organizations reach their technology objectives. Read more  

Financial Transformation

DayBlink enables CFOs and financial executives to optimize business performance and shareholder value while actively improving operational effectiveness and efficiency.

Decision Support System (DSS) Development / Advanced Financial Modeling

Best practice DSS Development enables time-constrained professionals to better analyze and mitigate sophisticated risks to the organization. DSS Development aims to reduce the data collection, aggregation, and manipulation cycle time. We offer a scalable solution that is intellectually accessible for process owners and evolves as the needs of the company change. Our experienced financial modelers understand how to codify an organization’s operational processes and leverage the power of VBA programming to reduce the data manipulation cycle time. This allows organizations to spend more valuable time on data analysis and achieve higher intellectual capital ROI’s.

Private Equity / Venture Capital Support Services

Companies making the transition towards PE / VC (Private) managed portfolio holdings often encounter a sizable operational “culture shock”. Core business processes, which portfolio executive management used historically, may no longer meet the expectations or analysis needs of second generation Private Investors. DayBlink’s deep expertise in the development of best in class PE / VC support processes enables portfolio management teams to better communicate, guide and meet Private Investor needs.

Procure-to-Pay Transformation

DayBlink works with Chief Procurement Officers and financial executives to optimize procurement and accounts payable performance, driving out costs, improving quality, and utilizing suppliers as a strategic advantage to ensure negotiated savings are realized to the bottom line. Read more  

IPO Readiness

DayBlink helps pre-IPO companies evaluate their current accounting and finance function, and implements the necessary processes and controls to effectively support budgeting, reporting and regulatory compliance as a public company.   Additionally, DayBlink prepares the financial portions of the registration statement and supports management through the many stages of an IPO, allowing management to focus on what matters most – building value through business execution and investor strategy.  Read more  


DayBlink offers clients with a simple means to frame complex strategic problems along with a robust suite of analytical tools to support recommendations. DayBlink not only helps define a practical, actionable recommended path forward but also provides the implementation team to help drive the strategy to fruition. 

Legal Strategy

DayBlink offers unique combined experience in law and business. Our consultants provide corporations and law firms with valuable guidance to maximize efficiency and minimize legal liability across all business life events. Our expertise in advisory and legal strategy services encompass discovery, contract management and compliance, outside counsel management, arbitration and pre-litigation settlement, employment related matters, due diligence, regulatory advice, insurance claims management, and record review.

DayBlink Consulting is not a law firm; it does not offer legal advice or counseling in any jurisdiction

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