DayBlink’s Data Science & Analytics team is differentiated from competitors by its first-rate data scientists, use of bleeding-edge tools, and laser-focused emphasis on solutions tailored to problems. Based upon years of data science and analytics experience, DayBlink’s tailored approach consistently harnesses the power of data to unlock relevant and powerful insights.

DayBlink Consulting’s broad expertise allows us to provide additional Data Science support through:

+ Business Intelligence

  • Identifies data needed to provide insights into business operations
  • Generates insights through direct data analytics
  • Visualizes insights within customizable dashboards for senior management

+ Classification Analysis

  • Formulates mathematical structures for business problems
  • Secures data for training and validation
  • Performs pre-processing in terms of handling missing data, extreme values, and feature reduction
  • Constructs appropriate performance metrics that correspond to the business problem
  • Identifies appropriate classification technique among traditional statistical analysis and machine learning algorithms

+ Business Econometric Analysis

  • Applies statistical methods to economic and business data
  • Applies concepts from economics to analyze strategic and financial business problems

+ Statistical & Probabilistic Modeling

  • Represents systems or processes using statistical and/or probabilistic models
  • Defines model characteristics of intent using theoretical concepts
  • Analyzes characteristics to gain insights about the dynamics and effectiveness of underlying systems and processes

+ Information Technology for Data Science

  • Develops various data science and signal processing algorithms aimed at detecting abnormal traffic and human usage patterns to preempt cybersecurity exploits (e.g., DDoS)
  • Designs and implements hardware architecture for big data analytics processing

+ Visualization Tools

  • Identifies and defines actionable insights to be communicated to senior management
  • Designs reports and dashboards that best communicate selected data-driven insights to senior management
  • Utilizes modern visualization to tools to create easily absorbed reports and dashboards


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