DayBlink helps companies put new strategies into action by augmenting staff, developing project management tools, and transforming organizations to improve the way they identify and respond to unpredictable challenges.


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DayBlink Consulting’s broad expertise allows us to provide additional Execution Acceleration through:

+ Change Management

Proper change management processes combine with strategic initiatives guide successful implementation of organizational change. Engaging change experts in the early stages of any initiative allows for proper planning, tracking, and execution of proven change management techniques. The result is increased adoption, newly identified opportunities to optimize ROI, and an inspired positive culture of change and driving future success.

+ Structure

An organization's structure not only organizes your company to achieve its strategic and business objectives, but also add value. By establishing a structure that clarifies roles, aligns responsibilities, and creates efficient frameworks that build trust and unite around a mission, you can focus on the daily operations that allow your business to thrive. In taking on an organization redesign initiative, leadership is committing to a better alignment of its resources to its strategic priorities.

+ JIRA & Confluence Implementation

  • Designs JIRA instances for on-going program management
  • Migrates data and tasks from existing project management systems to JIRA
  • Trains teams to leverage JIRA for new projects

+ Reporting Tool Development

  • Identifies operational reporting requirements
  • Sets integration performance metrics
  • Provides tactical Business Intelligence (BI) support

+ Risk Assessment & Response

  • Evaluates risk probabilities and impacts and compute risk scores in key functional areas
  • Develops risk mitigation plans to address risk in order of priority
  • Trains senior management to leverage Agile methodology to more efficiently respond to organization-wide risks

+ Strategic Execution Establishment

  • Establishes planning and project management functions for new firms, lines of business, and post-merger
  • Identifies critical people, processes, technology and data
  • Assigns budget, resources and milestone goals
  • Drafts success factors, governance, policies and program management procedures