DayBlink transforms complex IT processes and functions into a productive environment that serves the needs of each client's business strategy. Based upon years of IT Strategy & Consulting experience, DayBlink employs a tailored approach that has consistently accelerated our client’s IT efforts.


Associate Directors

DayBlink Consulting’s broad expertise allows us to provide additional IT support through:

+ IT Strategy & Transformation

  • Supports CIO and IT leaders in performing strategic analysis of IT initiatives that (a) best meet current and anticipated business needs, (b) maximally impact profits via increasing revenues/decreasing costs, (c) increase productivity and innovation, and (d) empower business transformation and growth initiatives
  • Identifies organizational processes that can be streamlined (further) using emerging IT-based approaches and technologies
  • Develops and executes IT Transformation plans aimed at achieving desired results and enhancements that keep up with the velocity of core business operations

+ PMI-IT Systems Alignment

  • Audits inventory of major IT systems across organizations involved in M&A
  • Identifies any immediate synergies among existing major IT systems and develops technological road-maps to secure synergies (including complete migration to some systems and elimination of others)
  • Assesses alignment of existing infrastructures of major IT systems across organizations with new mission and vision, and develops a road-map for consolidating and redesigning existing infrastructure accordingly

+ Program Management for Legacy Data Aggregation and Systems Migration

  • Plans, organizes, and launches migration program in coordination w/CIO and IT leaders, including facets such as upgrading IT & networks infrastructures, personnel reorganization & training, and continuity assurance
  • Provides oversight over technology vendors and coordinates between them and the program office
  • Verifies and validates faithful migration (and possible enrichment) of data from legacy system
  • Ensures no disruptions to customers and business operations upon cutting over from legacy system(s)

+ Data Science

  • Develops various data science and signal processing algorithms aimed at detecting abnormal traffic and human usage patterns to anticipate cybersecurity exploits (e.g., DDoS)
  • Designs and implements hardware architecture for big data analytics processing

+ Technology Section- Business Case Analysis

  • Performs cost-benefit analysis of various technological options contemplated by CIO and IT leaders; analysis includes external benchmarking, internal interviews, vendor surveys, secondary research and CAPEX and OPEX assessments
  • Develops user-friendly and intuitive Excel-based tools to facilitate (a) direct financial comparison of options, and (b) performance of “what-if” scenarios

+ Cloud Strategy

  • Supports CIO and IT leaders in identifying customer-facing services and internal functions that are candidates for cloud-based delivery
  • Performs strategic analysis of cloud migration vs. status-quo of a candidate service/function
  • Conducts cost-benefit analysis of cloud migration vs. status-quo of a candidate service/function
  • Delivers migrate/no-migrate recommendations to CIO and IT leaders

+ Position IT for Agile Structure

  • Assesses readiness of IT organization for agile response to changes in business needs, more demanding customer expectations, urgent need for incorporating innovative products and services
  • Develops roadmap for (re)positioning of IT organization to achieve desired level of agile responsiveness, with roadmap addressing organizational structure, technological gaps, and processes


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