Preparing for an initial public offering (IPO) can be a daunting task that requires significant planning and evaluation. Often this process is long and complex, revealing unexpected challenges along the way. Failure to anticipate these challenges can delay the IPO process and result in unnecessary costs for the company.

DayBlink aims to partner with companies to provide management and execution of the IPO process from the initial planning phase through pricing. Once a public entity, DayBlink also assists with all financial reporting requirements, as well as all ongoing compliance issues associated with being a public company.

Rick King

Rick King is a trusted finance advisor and skilled accounting technician whose years of experience across multiple industries gives him specialized expertise that is helpful to all clients, whether public, private, large or small. Rick’s background includes leadership experience in the areas of accounting and financial reporting, IPO readiness, due diligence, audit prep, technical accounting research and implementation, and accounting operations management. Rick is a Certified Public Accountant in Pennsylvania.

Phone: +1-215-514-7733

DayBlink Consulting’s IPO Readiness Service Offering is designed to provide clients with the following capabilities:

  • Deliver project management support including liaising with attorneys, auditors, underwriters and management

  • Ensure compliance with Regulation S-X and S-K requirements

  • Registration statement preparation

  • Assist management in SEC comment letter resolution

  • Assist with management’s evaluation of internal controls over financial reporting

  • Design and implementation of initial Sarbanes-Oxley compliance

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