DayBlink eases the transition related to M&A over the short term and maximizes value over the long term. By defining strategic integration priorities and identifying synergies, DayBlink readies companies for their critical next steps after a merger or acquisition.


DayBlink Consulting’s broad expertise allows us to provide additional Post-Merger Integration support through:

+ PMO Establishment

  • Establishes integration PMO (design, augment or run)
  • Identifies critical people, processes, technology and data
  • Assigns budget, resources and milestone goals to the PM function
  • Drafts success factors, governance, policies and program management procedures

+ Prioritization of Initiatives

  • Provides third-party valuation of legacy initiatives to determine prioritization
  • Performs cost and budget analyses to determine resources spent on PMI initiatives
  • Identifies key stakeholders and develops RACI matrix
  • Assigns resources and ownership

+ Risk Management

  • Evaluates turnover risk probabilities and impacts in key functional areas
  • Computes risk scores in key functional areas and prioritize accordingly
  • Develops risk mitigation plans to address risk in order of priority

+ Development of Reporting Tools

  • Identifies operational reporting requirements
  • Sets integration performance metrics
  • Provides tactical business intelligence (BI) support

+ Integration of Systems

  • Identifies objectives and challenges for systems integrations
  • Performs strategic & business-case analysis of Company A to B migration vs. B-to-A migration vs. status quo
  • Develops migration plans
  • Provides program management support (design, augment and/or execute)

+ Cost Take-Out Analysis

  • Designs framework for continual cost take-out analysis process
  • Performs inaugural cost take-out analysis and make recommendations
  • Recommends resources and initiates process for continual cost take-out

+ Real Estate Consolidation

  • Manages all aspects of real estate and corporate office evaluation and consolidation
  • Plans network, personnel and other administrative moves

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