DayBlink supports Chief Procurement Officers and financial executives to optimize procurement and accounts payable performance, driving out costs, improving quality, and utilizing suppliers as a strategic advantage to ensure negotiated savings are realized in the bottom line. 


DayBlink Consulting’s broad expertise allows us to provide additional Supplier Management support through:

+ Strategic Sourcing

  • Analyzes category buying and product life-cycles using rigorous data-based approach and market intelligence tools
  • Locates any potential value-over-price improvements and transforms sourcing strategies to obtain multi-year contracts with the best value
  • Develops long-term supplier relationships and shares best practices across the organization

+ Procure-to-Pay Transformation

  • Assists during the procure-to-pay process cycle, including material requirement planning, vendor selection, quotation assessment, purchase order processing, and goods receipt & invoicing
  • Leverages subject matter experts in procurement negotiation to reduce spending and increase value

+ Performance Improvement

  • Analyzes existing supply chains to identify vulnerabilities and inefficiencies through performance metrics review
  • Benchmarks metrics data with other companies and public market prices
  • Designs and executes a strategic sourcing plan to optimize price competitiveness and purchasing benefits

+ Human Capacity Advisory

  • Assesses organizational goals, strategies, and resources to identify gaps in the in-house HR system
  • Leverages talent networks to identify candidates with the right capabilities, in the right place, and the right cost
  • Addresses HR needs in organizational transformation, employee mobility, talent deployment, and compensation optimization

+ Supplier Relationship Management (SRM)

  • Organizes supplier information and establishes effective supply-chain communications
  • Manages supplier relationship with trust-based interactions and proactive interventions that produce positive, quantifiable results

+ Realized Savings Reporting

  • Manages cost-saving by benchmarking and deploying a professional procurement process
  • Identifies leakage points in indirect spending and aligns financial and procurement goals
  • Delivers bottom-line improvements through indirect category savings, proactive procurement monitoring, and savings measurement

+ Contract Compliances

  • Identifies cost recoveries and improvement opportunities in existing contracts
  • Monitors contract and license compliances to enforce vendor relationships
  • Advises in software asset management and develops best practice plans for software procurement

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