As digital innovation races forward—reshaping industries and profoundly affecting society—leaders who take a strategic and customer-value focus will unlock the value of this immense disruption. DayBlink can help you adapt and evolve, at speed, to embrace transformation as the new normal. 

DayBlink Consulting’s broad expertise allows us to provide support through:

+ Atlassian Solution Partner

As a Solution Partner, DayBlink delivers and implements solutions through consulting, sales, and technical services for Atlassian products.

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+ Cloud Computing

Cloud infrastructure is becoming a standard in agile business models for instant access to data from anywhere. DayBlink helps clients migrate to the cloud in order to leverage internal resources and create new growth opportunities while cutting IT maintenance costs.

+ Data Analytics

Data informs and drives growth. Using qualitative and quantitative techniques and processes, DayBlink extracts patterns and trends to unlock value, determine strategic initiatives and inform organizational decisions.

+ Robotic Process Automation

DayBlink is helping our clients demystify RPA. As long as you have the right expertise and understanding on your side - implementing RPA can be a simple process. We identify the best business functions to automate based on cost, benefit, culture, brand integrity and scalability. The result: an army of digital warriors who complete millions of repetitive tasks so that your employees can be more productive and your customers more satisfied.

   + Benefits Modeling/Business Case Development

   Having trouble getting everyone on board for your automation plan? We can    help you identify all costs and all benefits of undergoing an RPA initiative —    building your story and determining the perfect pilot programs so your project    can get buy in and get off the ground.

   + Benefits Realization

   DayBlink ensures the stated benefits of your RPA initiatives are realized. We    help create proper KPIs and dashboards — guaranteeing the success of your    project and keeping it on track long after implementation.

   + Continuous Improvement

   Based on our immersive culture of Kaizen, DayBlink realizes that processes will    continue to evolve. To ensure sustainable value is driven to our clients, each of    our projects focuses on establishing an environment of continuous improvement     — from developing the metrics that measure the key processes effectiveness to    empowering your teams with the skills to drive new improvements in the future.

   + Execution - Bot Installation & Tuning

   DayBlink oversees the execution of the automation program like any other    enterprise-wide program. In collaboration with approved RPA solution    providers, we manage the entire programming and installation process —    improving the efficiency and effectiveness of your operations at a lower cost    than other approaches.

   + RPA Roadmap

   Not all automation opportunities are created equal. Utilizing our experience in    business process management, including lean six sigma and agile processes,    we assess and uncover the most ideal functions and use cases for automation    — estimating, sizing and prioritizing each opportunity into an automation    roadmap for scaling your digital workforce.

   + Vendor Selection

   Selecting the right RPA software provider can be a daunting task with new    vendors and functionalities popping up overnight. Understanding the market    and keeping apprised of all the changes in the landscape is what we do, so    you can focus on running your business. From facilitating your requirements and    establishing an evaluation model, all the way through vendor presentations,    negotiations, and the implementation plan, we have you covered.


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