DayBlink provides transaction advisory services that ensure each company has the financial strategy and resources required to adequately prepare for the future of their business. Our team has extensive experience raising capital, performing due diligence, analyzing financial markets, and developing corporate strategy that positions each company to maximize the value of their capital structure.


DayBlink Consulting’s broad expertise allows us to provide additional Transaction Advisory Services through:

+ Corporate Development

  • Leverages network of industry, private equity and venture capital to connect our portfolio to the right partners and advisors who can help support strategic and financial initiatives
  • Assists with establishment of corporate development function by connecting business and personnel with potential go-to-market partners and strategic targets
  • Integrates value-adding business processes that maximize relations

+ Deal Sourcing

  • Develops sourcing strategy by identifying and prioritizing suitable suppliers
  • Functions as a corporate development team by connecting companies with potential go-to-market partners
  • Assists with accounting, audit support and technical accounting
  • Assesses current spending capability and supply market, and performs total cost analysis
  • Supports the identification of suitable suppliers

+ Financial Due Diligence

  • Verifies accuracy of financial information
  • Evaluates real situation of assets, liabilities, and tax risks
  • Analyzes past profitability, cash flows, and operational prospects

+ Commercial Due Diligence

  • Collaborates with company management to define an investment thesis
  • Assists with industry attractiveness and competitive positioning
  • Composes strength and stability reports for the organization
  • Develops a business plan and P&L forecast
  • Analyzes synergy and integration plans

+ Operational Due Diligence

  • Develops target cost base and operational capability
  • Reviews and assesses operational and investment risks
  • Identifies further cost reduction and development of performance improvement plans
  • Evaluates and prioritizes savings potential from operational improvements

+ Accounting & Audit Support

  • Provides technical accounting, tax and financial reporting support and analysis
  • Assists with purchase accounting, acquisition integration of finance functions and SEC compliance
  • Completes GAAP analysis and other international reporting standards related to cross-border acquisitions
  • Performs other financial impact assessments

+ Post Merger Integration

  • Creates tailored approach to ease the transition related to M&A over the short term and maximize value over the long term
  • Prioritizes strategic integration practices and identifies synergies to prepare companies for the critical steps following a merger or acquisition


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