DayBlink provides transaction advisory services that ensure each company has the financial strategy and resources required to adequately prepare for the future of their business. Our team has extensive experience raising capital, performing due diligence, analyzing financial markets, and developing corporate strategy that positions each company to maximize the value of their capital structure.

DayBlink Consulting’s broad expertise allows us to provide support through:

+ IPO Readiness

Preparing for an IPO is no easy feat. Our experienced CPAs advise senior management on accounting and reporting considerations and SEC developments. They act as liaisons between external auditors, underwriters, and counsel, and aid in the preparation of prospectus, financial data and footnotes, MD&A, use of proceeds, and capitalization.

+ M&A Compliance & Reporting

DayBlink provides M&A compliance services including audit readiness, consolidated reporting, and technical accounting research and position documentation. Additionally, DayBlink provides M&A reporting services including carve-out financial statement compilation, pro-forma financial statements, and purchase accounting.

+ Post-Merger Integration

The success of a deal is unforgivingly determined by post-merger integration. Our expertise in strategic planning, and operational integration, as well as organizational restructuring has helped fortune 500 companies expertly navigate through PMO establishment, risk management, integration of systems, real–estate and vendor consolidation, cost take out analysis, and more.

   + Post-Merger Integration Strategy & Planning

   Mergers are all about creating value, which can vanish into thin air without the    proper strategy and plan. DayBlink's extensive experience helps our clients    create tailored integration strategy and operational plans for sustainable short    and long term success.

   + Post-Merger Integration Program Management

   The intricate and time-sensitive nature of an integration process requires a high -    performing team to execute. DayBlink has deep expertise, and proven    methodologies and frameworks that maximize integration synergies and    increase shareholder value — all while sustaining the speed and momentum to    ensure early wins.

   + Post-Merger Integration Change Management

   Proper change management processes combined with strategic initiatives    guide successful organizational change. Engaging change experts in the early    stages of any initiative allows for proper planning, tracking, and execution of    change management techniques. The result is increased adoption, newly    identified opportunities to optimize ROI, and an inspired positive culture of    change and driving future success.


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